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long time no see

ehh stayed home sick passed out still feeling like im on fire no one called 2 see if i am ok oh well thats high school for ya.. my life is falling apart slowing trying 2 hold on 2 everything i have left in my life which is not alot at this point... i know ehh drama queen but i have no one 2 talk 2 no one 2 hang out with... but hey thats life people move on people get left behide.. well only one more year for me then im gone off 2 do something better with my life not 2 sure what that is but hey once again thats life...

well im off my head hurts...

drama whore

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    people seem 2 like my hair... umm im really bored... umm miss some people well ya boreing

  • chop chop

    umm going 2 church.. then its off 2 the mall the crop hair off... im off 2day ehh how fun when im down here and no one calls or write.. neeways…

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