Kaye-Lani (death_angelluv) wrote,

Loseing everyone and everything...


neeways my life is boreing.. umm lets see..

umm went 2 work yelled at some cnas....

drove all the way home heck yes...

oks.. lets see im off thurs and fri who ever wants 2 do something just let me know... im sure no on will thow neeways..

Ok i like this guy but im trying 2 hook him up with someone at school.. cause he is like so head over hills for her and she is all he talks bout... and there cute ness.. and he makes her smile and part of me is like aww she likes him so cute.. but im not sure if she does.. so im trying 2 work that out... but it werid cause i want 2 be the one 2 make him happy but it does not work oh well my life is blah neeways..

tito and cyd yall are so cute i loved the pic of yall..

KRYSTAL... im glad that u had a fun night with kevein or how ever u spell it neeways much ness love stay happy...

miss yall

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