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long im srry.... STRESS.......... STRESS.....STRESS*

ehh im in that same boat as tito and others i am sure... my grades are not good at all im missing stuff.. for classes.. my test scores ehh no.. all of the teachers are pushing me and pushing me...... im so tried i never have free time and if i do im pashed out cause im so tried.... i need 2 start saveing money which means not letting anyone broow ms for a while but family does not understand....
im just 16 i feel like im loseing my life... i need my lisence.. but thats not working out for me... i want 2 go out with this guy but thats not working cause he is loveing some one else now..
i think im going driveing 2 night.... at 6:00.... umm lets see... today i had off but came home 2 sleep for 2 hrs got up at couple bites... which is werid cause i always eat alot and im so hungrey but its stressful.. wanting 2 be better.. whating 2 look better wanting 2 have things i cant have...wanting freinds wanting 2 feel like i mean something...

i want 2 grad with the 11th grade class next year but at the rate im going.. im not going 2 be able 2 its all 2 much...

im not off untill next thurs unless they change it again... awww so much stress....

and 2 make things better i have 2 go 2 doc cause my heart is acting up.. how fun...

neeways for yall how read im not trying 2 make yall feel srry just needed someone 2 listen if if no one reads it makes things eazyer...


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